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the phans

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September 10, 2016 - End of Summer Festival, Willofs

new album out now!

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the band

the phans - matze matze
the phans - dany dany
the phans - karl karl



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  1. when i bleed
  2. sadist
  3. sleepwalker
  1. phage
  2. coil
  3. empire
  4. twenty-o-five
  5. zzyzx 1.1
  6. bulletsucker
  7. a siren's death
  8. crooked and submissive
  9. clarity

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band photo & press release

included in this press & media kit you will find an official photo of the band and a short article for release to the press.

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you will find the official the phans electronic press kit here. feel free to browse through it.

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tech rider

if you're the booker or stage tech at one of our shows, be sure to check our tech rider to avoid complications.

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tour history

for a complete list of past and upcoming tour dates, check our tour schedule.
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photo credits

matze, karl: ralf schuck, 2016
dany: nikolaos festas, 2016